September 12, 2019 – Welcome Back and Extended Show & Tell

October 10 – Colleen McCubbin Stepanic

Colleen McCubbin Stepanic is an artist who creates physical forms from painted canvas.  She was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC.  Her transient childhood instilled a lifelong love of travel and exploration which heavily influences her artistic practice.  She earned a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MFA from the Tyler School of Art. McCubbin Stepanic has been the recipient of many grants and awards and has successfully completed numerous artist residencies including the Joan Mitchell Center, the Millay Colony, and the Vermont Studio Center all of which were completed in 2016.  She was also a Ballinglen Fellowship Artist in 2017.

November 14 – Gerri Spilka

Gerri Spilka’s award winning work has been exhibited in numerous art and textile shows in Europe, Canada and the US. Trained in this order, as an artist, social scientist, and architect and urban planner, not surprisingly, Spilka’s fabric work continues to investigate themes grounded in these ways of knowing the world. Interactions, ambiguities, and gestures of people and place are expressed through simple two-dimensional geometric and biomorphic shapes, negative spaces, lines, colors, and subtle texture.

She has been making fabric constructions for about 10 years, and most recently has shifted to printing and painting approaches. The quick mediums of watercolors, and digital and paper collage allow her to work through ideas quickly, which in turn inform her fabric work. 

Spilka is currently a full-time studio artist after a rich career advising some of the most inspiring people leading social change nationally. Gerri has a studio and lives with her family in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia, PA.

December 12 – Annual Holiday Potluck

January 9, 2020 – TBA

February 13 – Dottie Richey, Former owner of Stitchers Dream, an expert on the mechanics of sewing machines and so much more!

March 12 – Judy Donovan, take a walk on the wild side with this exciting textile artist.

April 9 – AQE at the Wayne Art Center, Bi-annual tour of the Art Quilt Elements show at the Wayne Art Center.

May 14 – Diane Savona

How do we learn history? Textbooks give us dates and leaders; students memorize facts for the test, but few people have a deep understanding of how our ancestors lived. As a child I felt that lessons of wars and nations had little bearing on my family history. It was like studying weather patterns, gusting far above, knowing that my peasant grandparents had survived in thatched huts in Poland. What was their story? My art is created with that question in mind. 

The objects I use are collected at my equivalent of archaeological digs: garage and estate sales. In my Passaic neighborhood, there are still large numbers of first and second-generation immigrants from Eastern Europe. At these sales I hear the language and find the tools of my grandparents. There, I unearth items that were once commonly used in the domestic sphere – pincushions, darning eggs, crochet hooks – but are now almost extinct. I exhume forgotten embroidery and mending, and present them as petrified specimens.

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