Membership chair and committee will assist the President as called upon, will greet members and guests, provide forms, House Rules and other information to members or prospective members, will receive all new and renewal applications, will keep attendance records, will collect annual dues, guest fees and fines, and submit these to the Treasurer. The committee will develop, maintain, publish, update and distribute a membership list bi-­‐yearly. The committee will also keep a list of inactive members.

Programs and Workshops

Programs and Workshops Committee will schedule and coordinate workshops, demonstrations, and other educational events, will register and collect monies pertaining to a scheduled event, and will give a record of money received, along with all the money, to the Treasurer. All registrations will be paid for at the time of the registration and are NON-REFUNDABLE. When there are still openings in a workshop or other event, after all members have been given an opportunity to register, this committee has the responsibility of opening registration to guests. This committee will develop and maintain a list of teachers from our guild, and will report at each Board or general meeting, if requested to do so.

The Programs portion of the committee will plan and coordinate quilt-­‐related programs for each monthly meeting. The membership will be encouraged to participate in programs such as instructors, speakers, reporters, etc. The upcoming programs will be published in the newsletter (and posted on the website). The committee will contact speakers and provide a letter of confirmation and a contract. The committee will keep such correspondence on file, and write a “thank you” to each speaker.


The Newsletter Editor and committee prepares and publishes a monthly newsletter (January through November) and is responsible for distributing it to the general membership.


Heartstring Quilters has a library of quilt books, magazines, and tapes, which are available for use by members. It is available for browsing through at each meeting. 4 Books may be checked out and must be returned at the following month’s meeting. Donations to the Guild library are encouraged and welcomed.

The Librarian is responsible for maintaining the current holdings. The book box will remain at the church, and will be displayed at the meetings so that the members can readily see what is available. A sign in/out tablet will record who has taken each book or tape with the date taken and returned. Each book may be out for one (1) month and renewed if no one has requested it. A fine of 25¢ will be charged if the book(s) is not returned on time. A charge of $1.00 is made for the use of each video. The Librarian also keeps an up-­‐to-­‐date list of all books and videos belonging to the Guild.


The publicity committee contacts appropriate media to place a notice of meetings and otherwise advertises the special activities of the Guild.

Ways and Means

Periodically, items are offered for purchase through the Guild. These are quilt-­‐ related, such as books or quilting supplies, which when ordered in quantity can be purchased by the guild at a discount.

Members purchasing such items not only save money, but also support the Guild treasury. Funds in the treasury are used to pay for program speakers and for general operational expenses of the Guild.

The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for raising funds for the Guild treasury. To date, this has been accomplished through the sale of fabric, books, quilting supplies, baby quilts, raffle and quilt raffle.


The Historian and committee maintain a history of the Guild, which includes a scrapbook and other items of interest to the Guild.


A refreshment break is taken during the monthly meetings. Each month two (2) members are assigned the responsibility of providing refreshments to at least 15 people, arriving early to set up prior to the meeting and cleaning up afterwards.

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for maintaining supplies for coffee, tea, etc., and provides a listing of membership assignments to the editor of the newsletter, who will list assignments each month.

Block of the Month Committee

Participation in the Block of the Month is voluntary. Patterns and instructions are included in the monthly newsletter and at the meeting prior to the due date of the block. The finished block is due the following month. You can make as many blocks as you wish. Blocks can be machine or hand-­‐pieced of pre-­‐washed 100% cotton. Each block should be labeled with the maker’s name. Each participant places their name into a drawing, and a winner is drawn. The winner is the recipient of all blocks made from that month’s pattern. If you make two blocks, place your name in the container twice.

The Block of the Month Committee is responsible to have a pattern available each month for the Guild.


Each month, members have the opportunity to win a prize by participating in the raffle. Tickets are $1.00. Money from the raffle is deposited in the Guild treasury.


Sunshine will offer support to members when needed in good times and bad. Members are encouraged to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when they have pertinent information regarding life events affecting members.