Welcome to Heartstring Quilters Guild!

Do you have an interest in quilts and quilting? Have you always wanted to learn about quilting, but didn't know where to begin? Are you a quilter looking to meet new people and increase your knowledge and skills? Then Heartstring Quilters Guild may be the place for you.

As a nontraditional guild, we have a broad range of members from beginners to pros, working in styles from traditional to contemporary. We have a reputation of being relaxed and open minded to all types of quilts. Everyone is accepted and applauded. We invite you to visit - try us on for size. Then if you are interested in joining, attend one of our meetings. We hope to meet you soon!

Our guild also makes and sells gorgeous Hope Pins for $15, half of which is donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Click on More Details above to get more information and order your's.


Heartstrings has been there for me when I really needed help and support from a community of like-minded quilt makers and lovers.  I love this guild! 


It was so nice to visit your guild!  I really enjoyed the presenter and I was so inspired by your Show & Tell!